• ftp upload

    In order to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) with PMCofMD, you will need to do the following:

    1. Open your browser and type the following FTP site or click on the link: ftp://www.pmcofmd.us

    2. Once the page is accessed, the following information will be required: User Name: Password: (User Name and Password will be issued to clients by PMC of MD) Note: User Name and Password are case sensitive.


    3. Click PAGE, then click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer


    System may ask you to re-enter UserName and Password.

    When connection is complete, a Windows Explorer window will open with the directory for the FTP being visible.

    4. Open a separate Windows Explorer folder from your drive, and direct the explorer to your directory. Then simply drag/drop the files to/from the PMCofMD folder into your selected folder or desktop.



    (NOTE: File should not have any spaces in the name or the FTP will not allow transfer)

    Once complete, FTP can be broken by simply closing the explorer window.