Promotional Items

    Project Management Consulting of Maryland was started in 2006. PMCofMD initially focused on animation and executive briefing support to its clients. Combining the knowledge of military combat operations, war gaming simulation, and executive briefings as a marketing manager with a team of experienced animators produced the initial core product for the company. As collaborations materialized, PMCofMD realized that its clients needed more than just an animation team. Working with a team of known vendors and manufacturers, PMCofMD expanded its resources to become a one-stop shop for any multimedia requirement.

    Most recently, PMCofMD has become a recognized competitor in the ever growing field of website design and management. The internal staff and graphics team was recruited to provide the client with personal, unique, and professional website design while blowing away the competition through our competitive pricing. As part of the growing requirements of its clients, PMCofMD has expanded its capabilities to include scale models, trade show support, and promotional items, to list a few.

    PMCofMD ensures all its vendors and manufacturers sign a Proprietary Exchange of Information Agreement (PEIA) as well as ensures all development, programming and manufacturing is conducted within the United States. Our pride in service, commitment to customer satisfaction, and dedication to ensuring our products are delivered on time and in budget continue to be the driving force of our company as we feel we truly answer to a Higher Authority. Please browse our website and contact us if you have any questions. We value your patronage and honor your trust.