October 30, 2010


    PMCof MD has recently completed the website for THE JUMPSTART MEDIA PROJECT of Washington DC. The project was founded in September of 2009 in response to the urgent need for quality enrichment and delinquency prevention programs for youth in Ward 6 of the Nation’s Capital.

    The JumpStart Media Project (JMP) works with “at-risk” youth and other traditionally under-served populations of the Washington Metropolitan Area to develop life skills that are essential for academic, personal, and professional success through media arts education. JMP offers an engaging process that helps participants enhance critical thinking and social skills, explore issues and ideas creatively, express themselves constructively, identify their hidden potential, and find greater connection to others.

    Visit the website at www.JumpStartMediaProject.org

    The JumpStart Media Project

    October 2010


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    September 2009


    (project completed 6-29-09)

    PMCofMD has completed an eight week effort with Northrop Grumman to provide a marketing and client overview of the VADER/STARLite radar systems. This effort was completed in-house as a new extension of PMCofMD's capabilities which included animation, voice talent, and sound studio mixing. The contract detailed PMC creating a storyboard and supporting efforts for a four to five minute animation. This effort included compiling an extensive satellite image of Afghanistan, creating a 3-D for the One-System Ground Station, highly detailed animations supported by a soundtrack which included sound effects, music with voice talent provided by Jennifer Rouse


    August 2009


    Jennifer Rouse has joined PMCofMD as Director of Media. Her expertise in media production includes graphic and website design, film and video production, and acting. Her skills bring a new dimension to the capabilities of PMC and broadens the spectrum of support the company can provide its clients. Please visit the Media Director's page on the website to review her resume or contact Jennifer directly for information on her supporting your activities and efforts. (see www.JenniferRouse.com)

    November 2008


    PMCofMD, as the project manager supporting Kol Rom, has completed the 3-D interactive tour of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) for the New York based ArtScroll. This effort is the completion of almost 11 months of combined efforts pulling together four companies to support the prime contractor, Kol Rom, as they worked with a variety of software packages to create the unique interface for the client. This effort has challenged the skills of the animation, flash, and multimedia departments to provide ArtScroll with the most accurate visual representation of the chapters of Exodus 25 – 30 ever created. The program is now available at most Jewish bookstores. Go to ArtScroll.com for more information.

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    October 2008


    (project completed 10-28-08)

    G/ATOR Program Management has contracted PMC to provide a 5 minute animation demonstrating the various modes of the G/ATOR radar system. PMC delivered a 6:40 animation complete with sound effects and music soundtrack. Delivering the product in all possible formats to include MPEG, QuickTime, AVI, and individual scene cuts for PowerPoint insertion. Seen here is a series of clips from that animation.

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    September 2008

    PMC has completed a 10 month project with Northrop Grumman, Land Forces, Baltimore, MD as a consultant for radar and SAR applications on helicopters. This included consulting in marketing aspects for the systems, as well as development of briefings and animations in support of the marketing role.